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Me & Sunny Day
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Sunny Day Real Estate

Okay. So this isn't much of a Sunny Day site. Not yet anyway. I have big plans for this here little site. But for now, i'll just tell you a story about how i met Jeremy Enigk. (it's under Me and Sunny Day) but eventually there are gonna be pictures, and eventually, hopefully, when i figure it out, some sounds or something.
by the way, i haven't done the mailbag section at all. there is a little at the discography. but i am working on it. so enjoy. and tell your friends to visit this page. it'll get better with more hits. :)

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Okay, i took a ton of pictures of jeremy Enigk in concert, but they aren't going up yet, cuz i don't have a scanner. and the only guy i know who has one is anal. so they aren't up yet. they will be though. so this guy with a guitar will have to do for now. just pretend it's jeremy or dan.

blah blah

Jeremy Enigk: Vocals, guitar, and a maze of other instruments.
Dan Horner: Lead Guitar.
William Goldsmith: Drums
Greg: he played keyboard and guitar when i saw them in concert in Portland. don't know his last name, he just signed my pink album "greg"

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