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Me & Sunny Day
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Me and Sunny Day

an account of how i met them

Sunny Day Concert was AWESOME. guess who i met. Jeremy Enigk. So we get in line for the concert, and there are about 10 people there. its about 6, the concert starts at 9. anyway, so we get there, and get in line. then i make justin go get a camera. there is a ledge to sit on, so i sit on it. there are some people by me, but i don't really care, it's sunny day. and i was tired from running around all day in portland while justin the overly cautious boy drives around in circles, pissing me off more and more with each passing U-turn. gradually more people get there, and then this guy walks up to me. "can i steal my seat back since the line is so long now?" i look around, he is standing in front of me kind of, so i move a little and he still stands there. "come on, yo you can have your seat back." Pat Pat on the brick ledge. more standing. He finally plops down. "cool" i think. so we start talking, about what i've forgotten, mostly listening to other sunny day fans discuss the latest album, the one i've been too busy to listen to lately. there are two white girls, as white as white can be, in napkins for shirts and platform sandals. "what are they doing here, shouldn't they be buying tickets for *NSYNC?" Still they engage in lively conversation with a more fitting sunny day fan. orange shirt, disheveled hair (oh bebe) converse shoes. another guy walks up, he has a black bag draped over his shoulders and a bag of food. "i got some food man! anybody hungry? these grapes leaves are awesome." grape leaves? i say. "yeah! chicken wrapped in grape leaves. it's really good!" "now don't everybody rush over here at once to get some free food! look at them crowding around and fighting over this food!" i chuckle at the bad joke. it reminds me of people back home.
Sunny Day echoes through the broken stained windows, i cringe with delight. I am so excited. Just hearing Jeremy's voice makes me happy. i can't believe where i am. thoughts begin drifting. and Somehow, conversation engages for about 2 hours , then the line shifts to the other side of the doors. "we were standing on the wrong side!" 'are they talking about weezer??' yeah" then the conversation switches to star wars. justin's opinions are drowned out by the 3 feet between him and the would-be conversationalists. or their enthusiasm. (hehe) the line moves. the space napkin girls get their tickets. someone is being searched at the door, while tim and his black bag slip past slyly, even though he has nothing to hide. does anyone know where to pick up tickets at? "right here" 'my tickets were lost in the mail, and i was told i just needed to give you my credit card and have picture ID to get them.' Flip Flip through the pages. reach the end and go back again. "I don't see your name here" My heart suddenly decides to greet my throat. 'What?! They told me on the phone all i had to do...' "Oh! here it is. Cho?" no, the other Cho. "here you go." 'Thanks.' walk to the ticket guy. "your hand please" stamp on my right hand. I am going to see Sunny Day. I am going to see Sunny Day!
Nice pink walls. Nice security guards with pink shirts. dispersed crowd.

Riffs drown out as No Knife runs off stage. Roadies fill the stage, then empty it. "Sunny Day is next." Tim and i look each other and squirm with excitement. "And Jeremy Enigk is gonna say This is Guitar and Video Games, just for you Tim." i smile at the thought. Thinking and Hoping Jeremy would notice me. Cheering. The band is finally coming out! the horribly long sound check was worth it. I see Jeremy Enigk. I can't believe my eyes. It's Jeremy Enigk!! Jeremy Enigk! I am three people away, and the fat girl with lots of hair has moved. three people away from Jeremy Enigk! Did he just look at me? no, he must have been just glancing around the room. they open with a new song i don't recognize. why didn't i listen to the new cd? But there is Jeremy Enigk, singing his heart out. He changes to an acoustic guitar. Every Shining Time You Arrive. it must be. it has to be. it has to be. my heart jumps at the familiar guitar riff, and melts. did he just look at me again? no. mustn't have. but i swear he did. "I wanna change everything" I am floating. he looked at me again. "How is it you Feel?" Screams fill the room. Guitar and Video Games! I am stunned, almost, with the music. I sing practically every word. He sees me standing there, singing, with my right hand over my mouth. he must have seen me. he looked right at me. maybe he looked at Justin. but he must have looked at me. He must have. the guy in the suit almost knocks himself out on the speaker in front of him. i have taken 15 pictures at least of Jeremy Enigk. i wonder if i am getting on his nerves. Probably. rock stars hate it when people take pictures, especially with the flash. Look at the camera. look at the camera. i float on through the concert, Justin is jamming behind. Steal my seat back boy is jamming through the concert too. "remember you in the top of my room" I am on my tip toes. Floating. i must be floating.
They play through the rest of the set, and i am on air. They go off stage. Jeremy says "thank you" as he runs off stage. 'No. that can't be it. that cant be it. but he said thank you.. that must be the end. my heart once again decides to see how my throat is doing. Cheering for ever.
Then screaming. They play 8 and in circles. suit guy almost kills himself and someone next to him this time. "and the angel before me lies, it's my heart that speaks this time" Major feedback to end the concert. kind of pisses me off, who wants to listen to 10 minutes of screaming feedback? Jeremy leaves, and the concert was over for me. We wait around till the security with their nice pink polo shirts kicks everybody out who isn't buying something. but they were gonna sign autographs and hang out. they are supposed to be signing! That stupid girl lied. she should die. 'hey supposed to be signing?' i ask steal my seat back boy. "umm, yeah, they usually sign at the entrance were we got our tickets." The hallway is dark, though the street lamps radiate somewhat into the hallway. The window where high IQ girl gave me the tickets is empty. Jeremy Enigk is no where in sight. they were supposed to be signing. We filter out into the street, where anxious fans await, and screaming security guards have aneurysms. "CLEAR THE SIDEWALK!!" pfft. i am waiting for sunny day to sign my pink album. i ain't going NOWHERE. "have you seen tim?" 'no. he was here a while ago. if i see him i'll tell him you were looking for him.' "okay, thanks." A few more steps are taken , and there is a familiar black bag and a tousled head of hair. "Umm, that dude was looking for you." he glances around. "really?" "that was freaking (sub for uglier word) awesome!" 'i know it!! aren't they supposed to be signing? "i dunno." "CLEAR THE SIDEWALK! YOU CAN STAND OVER THERE, BUT NOT HERE!!!" shuffling and mumbling. catch you later, take care, it was nice meeting you...." etc, etc. "Justin, they were supposed to be signing." despair. "i know. i know." the car is in front of us now, we have satisfied the anal security guards with such impeccable uniforms. sigh. more standing around as every passing moment crushes my hopes. "let's just go" "well, let's just walk down there then we can go." "okay." there is the guy who was in line earlier, the weezer fan. maybe he knows something. they are just standing there. maybe they know something. space napkins girls. again. ugh. we have reached the fence. "Can you tell Jeremy we love him? Jeremy can you come out here?" Jeremy this, Jeremy that. guess who's gonna puke. They don't deserve to be Sunny Day fans.
So how's that lump in your throat?
I glance over through the fence. It Jeremy Enigk! Oh, thank you Justin! Thank you! i was just about to leave and miss and miss.... HIM!! "can you sign my pink album? Can you sign this? can you sign my set list?" i can't ask him to sign my pink album, i don't want to bombard him. i bet he hates this. this is just like TV almost. only it would the back street boys and about 50 other people. i bet he hates this. i have to take a picture. someone groans. Justins voice. my pink album is gone. "hey can you sign our pink album?" i am dying. no! he is gonna think we are stupid fans! (umm, we are) but i am so glad. now my pink album will be signed. "I am signing the plastic?" "uhh..." "yeah" okay. whatever is okay. Dan walks up. "dan!" "how's it going?" more fans request. almost a voice divine. "Ugh. i feel like there's some kind of barrier here. can we like open up this gate or something?" heart jumping once again. the bungee cord won't come loose. heart down again. it comes loose. This is the awesomest roller coaster ride ever. the gate opens. I am gonna meet Jeremy Enigk!! Fans crowd around, somehow i am standing next to Dan. "Can i get a pic?" such a shy voice for such a girl. "Of course!" an arm goes around me. i practically throw the disposable camera at justin. "Here! Take it!" commands. kind of funny now. smile. click. signing of the pink album, walking over towards Jeremy. "can i get a pic?" "what?" "picture" comes out amongst stuttering. ahh! she's got me! "Sure!" i almost jump out of my skin, as if he would have been like, no! no pictures with chinks! I hand my cheap camera to the closet person and walk over there. blubbering mass of emotions? no. not emotions. one emotion. Joy. blubbering words come out. "i love you!" "yeah! i totally noticed you out there" The janitor walks up and mops me off the pavement.
We talk for about half an hour, or listen to stoner chick and he half-baked boyfriend blab about nothing. At one point, silence. 'Can i ask you a question? about one of your songs?' "yeah, sure" stoner chick shuts up about her bass guitar. hooray! "what does like Every Shining Time mean?" words of an angel. "what does it mean to you" crap. no, i don't care. i want to know what you mean by it. you wrote the song. my interpretation doesn't matter. why would i ask you? i am gonna burn. "umm..." words were mingled in with that, but that was pretty much it. "well.. i was going through a hard time in my life, and there was someone who had recently come back into my life, and it was like (hands clasped then arms thrust open here) every time she walked in the door. Every shining time she walked in the door, i felt (previous motion)" i nodded my head. "yeah," a meek voice (for once) spoke. "That's what i thought."

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