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Me & Sunny Day
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Okay, not much discography on here yet, don't have much time to do it.. but eventually there will be.. but you can go to the official site to get the complete discography on the band. i just put the rising tide stuff for now. Check back later, and there will be more.

The Rising Tide
Time Bomb Recordings, 2000

Track List:
Killed by an Angel, One, Rain Song, Disappear, Snibe, The Ocean*, Fool in a Photograph, Tearing in my Heart, Television, Faces in Disguise, The Rising Tide*

I love Guitar and Video Games, just remembering him in concert singing his heart out- "Remembering you in the top of my room"
I was floating.

maybe an MP3 will be here soon.

my fav sunny day album

Okay, my favorite Sunny Day album. It used to be the pink album, but after seeing them in concert in Portland, i think it has got to be How It Feels to be Something On. Why? Guitar and Video Games. That song is awesome. But i still love the pink album too. I think mostly they are so different, one cannot choose which one is better, but for now, i am stuck on How It Feels to be Something On. I just float around when i listen to that CD. Maybe it's cuz i met Jeremy Enigk and talked to him about it... I dunno. Read my story of how i met them.

Me and Sunny Day

Favorite Song

Okay. Favorite Song. Wow. Let's see. How about fav songs? you can't just have one! (wow. that's a tv commercial or something) Guitar and Video Games and Iscaribad.